How to send the google spreadsheets value change to email?

Note: If you're upgrading from a previous version, take a look at the "Upgrading steps" below.
  1. Open your Spreadsheet/Form. (It should already have at least the basic structure of your data, i.e. the 1st row filled with the data headers. In case of a Form it's done automatically when you create the form).
  2. Click menu Insert > Script.
  3. A internal popup window should open, click the search box and type: formemailer
  4. A list with some scripts should appear, locate the "FormEmailer" script, developed by hgabreu and click its install button. (nowadays this search returns two scripts and FormEmailer is the 2nd one)
  5. A authorization popup shows up and you need to click Authorize to proceed.
  6. A browser popup window shows up, it should close itself automatically. And back to the main window, you can close the Script Gallery internal popup window by clicking Ok.

New install instructions:
You need to set up the trigger so the script can run automatically. Steps:
- Click the menu "Tools" > "Script editor..."
- In the editor's window
-- Make sure the Form sheet script is opened and selected (it normally is)
-- Click the menu "Triggers" > "Current script's triggers..."
--- Click the only link and set up a new trigger as follows:
timeDriven - Time-driven - Minutes timer - Every minute
--- Click save
-- You may close the editor
The status indication in this sheet (cell B2) may take some minutes to update.