How to Make a Google Spreadsheet Send an Email on Change

Here’s a quick and useful tip for Google Spreadsheets.
If you’ve created a form you’re going to want to receive a notification when someone submits it. Fortunately Google Spreadsheets come with a pretty powerful Notification tool. You can configure it to send you a notification email for pretty much any eventuality. Including when someone submits a form.
What you need is the “Notification rules…” editor, which you can access from the Tools menu. Open it up, click “Add Rule…” and you’ll be presented with this dialog box:
The eagle-eyed will immediately spot the “A user submits a form” option. You’re going to want to check that box. then depending on how immediately you want to be notified, go for either the “daily digest” or the “right away” option.
And there you have it, that’s how to have your spreadsheet notify you when it changes i.e when someone submits a form, edits it or changes the collaborators.